Whether you've hit rock bottom, or you can feel yourself falling, by reading this page you are already fastening your safety net.  


    Your thoughts have become feelings,

    and both can be changed.

    You have the answers.

    Maybe you need a little help to find them?

    A guide to lead you from the dark into the light?

    Let me take you by the hand.

    Let's think about how you're feeling?

     If your emotions were trees, what's at the root of those trees?  Are the trees healthy?  Do they need pruning? Is there a need to shed old beliefs?

    Not only can we work together to observe and evaluate the trees, but you can learn valuable tools so that you can walk in the forest knowing you have the power to love, support and accept yourself.

    We hunt around looking for a diamond necklace that's already around our neck....



    The Toolkit

    Modalities practiced during the session  involve EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Breathwork,  Reiki and mindfulness techniques. Every case is different, there is not a 'one size fits all' approach. One of the many virtues of EFT, breathwork, energy and mindfulness work is the ability to self administer, empowering you to take ownership of your present and future.  The key is to use our energy efficiently and ensure we are using the right software! Homework is an important part of any healing journey.  An EFT toolkit will be taught  to enhance your navigation through lifes' twisting path, as well as energy and mindfulness techniques. Sessions will usually last 90 minutes. It is recommended that more than one session is taken for sustained change.


    SOS - Scared of swimming

    Having  taught water fitness for many years Rachel has now combined her love of the water with the use of EFT & Matrix to release fears that can challenge us when exposed to water.


    doAROMA Reiki Experience

    A deeply relaxing and powerful experience that combines therapeutic grade essential oils, with gentle massage techniques and universal healing energy. Your 60 minute experience starts with a grounding and balancing foot technique that has the effect of resetting the mind, body & spirit. Followed by a gentle application of therapeutic grade essential oils to the back to balance and clear the body's energy centres. Moving gently into a Reiki treatment that combines intuitive techniques and reiki healing energy to clear any blocks that come to the surface and determine the essential oil for you to take home at the end of your treatment.

    £50 OR 4 FOR £180



    When Rachel encountered a crises in her personal health,  in particular anxiety and panic disorders, she discovered the powerful connection between the mind and the body,  noticing synergistic connections between her physical and emotional pain.  These experiences set Rachel on a path of study, learning many different tools to enable herself, and ultimately others, to live a fulfilling existence. Since then she has been working with clients to investigate and discover their own power to release their negative emotions, and find peace with their mind. 

    Today Rachel offers her wisdom in a range of disciplines that, together, embody her deeply held belief in our ability to release and find peace.   


    Finding myself unable to cope with overwhelming feelings of grief and sadness, I found my sessions with Rachel completely altered my mood, and raised my energy levels. Subsequently I found I was experiencing a wonderful feeling of calm.  At last I had an understanding of myself and why I had been unable to move forward. I can't thank Rachel enough and will always recommend her treatments.

    Jenny, Marlow

    When I go to see Rachel I know that she will understand my situation. I can speak with absolute confidence.  Its often emotional for me, but I always leave feeling so much more peace.


    Rachel is one of those rare souls who really cares about others.  She uses her therapies to help with the added magic of care and empathy   I have rarely met such dedication.  I am watching first hand the results of her work and seeing a person shed fears and doubt, it is amazing.  Very grateful to have been led to such and excellent healer on all levels.

    Di - Mother to N

    I feel relaxed and calm after my sessions with Rachel.  She understands and cares, and makes me feel special.I always sleep so much better after I've seen her.


    I saw Rachel a while back as I'd been suffering debilitating chronic pain following failed back surgery.  I was a little sceptical about EFT because I had no doubt that the pain I was experiencing had an organic physical cause - plus, I'm a cynical bloke.  But, something shifted after seeing Rachel, the pain genuinely eased off and I haven't had a serious recurrence since.  Chronic pain is complex, and whilst pain medication is undoubtedly useful for acute pain, in my experience, it can be helpful to look outside of conventional medicine for effective longer term relief.  If you are suffering something similar you might consider speaking with Rachel, who also happens to be one of the nicest people you could meet.


    I have truly enjoyed my sessions with Rachel.  She has always given me more and more insights into my psyche. I have learnt what makes me who I am, sometimes its like she knows me better than I know myself.  I always come away armed with new tools so I can continue my spiritual, mind  and body education.  Rachel is a true lightworker.


    Rachel has been the catalyst to my transformation out of grief and feeling very stuck. She is gently guiding without judgement. I could trust and release and find some peace, Thankyou. I think she is a little bit like an angel- highly recommend.



    To book an appointment or have a free 'discovery' consultation, please send a message or call me on the number below.  From the first moment of contact all information provided is confidential.

    First step made...I'll be in touch to continue our journey

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